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Inverter Duty Transformers are specially built electrical devices used to handle high-frequency and high-voltage power transmissions generated by inverters. They work on the principle of magnetic induction like any other transformers. However, they are usually built with high-grade materials which increase their performance and capabilities. Some of its benefits and limitations are mentioned below.


  • Efficient – These devices are built with the latest technology and are designed to handle high loads with relative ease. As a result, it produces less heat and consumes less power compared to conventional transformers.
  • Low harmonic distortion – The device is designed to reduce the effects of harmonic distortion which helps in minimising damage to the components of the transformer.
  • Sturdy build – The inverter duty transformer is built to withstand high-frequency power voltage. Quite naturally, the materials used to build this device are durable and made by employing the latest technology in the field.
  • Compact – The device is usually smaller than conventional transformers, which makes it easier to install and transport as per the customers’ requirements.


  • High cost – Inverter duty transformers are usually on the expensive side compared to conventional transformers owing to their specialised design and high-quality materials.
  • Noise – While the noise generated by harmonics is minimised, it is still audible. This could be a concern where noise levels need to be kept at a minimum.
  • Spare parts – Given the fact that these devices are built with considerable room for customisation, the availability of spare parts might be a challenge in certain cases.

Overall, inverter duty transformers are an excellent choice for applications that need high-frequency loads assuming budget is not a concern for the buyer.

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