Power Transformer
    Product Description :
  • Upto 10MVA,33kv Class
  • Core – CRGO / Amorphous
  • Windings – Cu
  • Type tested at CPRI for short circuit, lightening impulse
    and temperature rise for 5MVA 33/11kv
Power Transformer


Standard Fittings

  • HV and LV Bushings
  • HV and LV Metal Parts
  • Bi-metallic Connectors
  • Oil Level Gauge
  • Magnetic Oil Gauge (MOG)
  • Gas Operating Relay (GOR)
  • Thermometer pocket
  • Dial Type Thermometer (Vertical / Horizontal)
  • Radiators/Corrugation Panels
  • Radiator Valve
  • Pressure Relief Valve / Pressure Relief Device
  • Conservator
  • Drain valve
  • Filter valve
  • Terminal Tags - LV/HV
  • Sampling valve
  • Silicagel Breather
  • Oil and Winding Temperature Indicators
  • Rating and Diagram Marking Plate
  • Bi-directional Rollers
  • Company Logo plate
  • Hardware fittings

Optional Fittings

  • Drain valve
  • With OFTC (Off Circuit Tap Switch)
  • With OLTC (On Load Tap Changer)
  • Cable box for HV and LV Terminals
  • CT's and PT's
  • Nitrogen Filling while despatch
  • RTCC Panels
  • RG3 Fixing
  • Marshalling Box for OTI/WTI/MDI components and its wiring
  • Terminal Tags - for other fittings
  • Conservator for OLTC
  • Bi-directional Rollers

Technical Specification

Applicable Standards IS, IEC, ANSI, BS
Insulating Oil Mineral Oil
Winding Material Copper
Winding Insulation TPC/MPC
Frequency 50Hz, 60Hz
Vector Group As specified
Taping Range Off circuit/On load Tap changer as per customer specification
Impedance As specified

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