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Power transformers are a critical part of the electricity supply system that ensures smooth transmission of power from one point to another. With rapid modernisation and industrialisation, our dependency on electricity has increased more than ever. To put it simply, the world will come to an abrupt halt without electricity. Keeping this in consideration, these devices are built to perform for extended period, providing uninterrupted service to users across all sphere of life.

Given the criticality of this device, manufacturers invest a considerable amount of time and effort in maintaining its quality and safety to ensure they can deliver optimal performance while offering highest levels of safety.

Here are some steps taken by power transformer manufacturers to ensure quality and safety:

  • Quality regulation – Besides adhering to multiple in-house and customer designated quality measures, these companies also work towards acquiring domestic and international quality standards depending on the country of origin. ISO is among the top industrial standards acknowledged by all major companies across industries. ISI is an Indian origin quality parameter that applies to all major industries in the country.
  • High quality raw materials – In addition to conforming to various quality parameters, these companies acquire the best-in-class raw material to build their products to ensure it can perform as promised and provide uninterrupted service for extended period.
  • Trained professionals – The key to acquiring top-performing transformers lie entirely in the hands of those responsible for manufacturing it. Quality regulations ensure that we do not miss any step during the process. However, without a team of competent and motivated staff, none this will be fulfilled. Make sure to build a team of technicians, engineers, and other staffs who can work in fast-paced environment.
  • Audits – Once the transformer is manufactured according to established rulebook, it is upto the manufacturer to ensure the device is working as expected. Make sure to perform test-run for all products to ensure they are safe and operational.
  • Research and Development – The key objective of this team is to ensure that its existing systems are operational and to find new means to improve its competencies. Although they are not considered “mandatory” by most organisations, it stands as a critical branch of any organisation that ensures that we stick to the rules and keep working on our systems over time.

To conclude, there are numerous matters to be considered when it comes to establishing an effective quality and safety measure for manufacturing power transformers. Ranging from technical specifications, customer requirements, real-world conditions, future applications, and so forth; the final goal is to provide solution that will help our customers fulfil their goals and contribute towards the modernisation of human civilisation as whole.

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