CSP (completely self-protected) Transformers are effectively and efficiently disconnect the load from transformers in an overload condition. It is available for a long duration than conventional transformers. These pole-mounted transformers with primary bushings are the type of utility transformers most commonly used in residential applications. These devices called a protective device or transformer protective where it manages the weak link and load to the transformers. It also protects the distribution systems from the circuit breaker, high voltage, short circuit and so on.

  • Protects the transformer from external faults
  • Protects the grid from internal faults
  • Dramatically reduces failure rate for the utility
  • Reduces risk of explosion
  • Low maintenance
  • Long Low Voltage Lines
  • Short Circuit Due To Clashing of Loosely Strung Conductor
  • LV System
  • Changing Weather Conditions
  • Overloading
  • Lightening Strikes
  • Manufacturing Defects
  • Resistant overloads not protected by conventional switchgear
  • Lightening Surges
  • Short Circuit Faults in Secondary
  • Thermal overload due to increase in oil temperature
  • Over current protection

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