Energy Efficient Transformers

Energy efficient transformers are very important suggests that to low transmission and distribution loss.

Today, Majorly the world’s electricity are using by these products: Lighting, room air conditioners, electric motor systems and residential refrigerators. These products, and the transformers that help get more power to them, often more amount of electricity is wasted due to improper use and poor design. As a result, consumers and business face higher electricity bills, utilities struggle to meet excessive usuage for power, governments are burdened with additional economic development challenges.

Today most developed countries are underway in the transition to Energy Efficient transformer. However, many developing and arose economies are just starting to exhibit such opportunities. A well-designed set of policies can help transform these markets by enabling them to leapfrog past out-dated technologies to superior, cost-effective alternatives.

Energy Efficient transformer are Cost-effective for distribution systems. Purchasing an energy efficient transformer can save energy and operating costs, and possibly extend the durability of transformer life.

Transcon is a pioneer in manufacturing of energy efficient transformer and many of the products are 5 – star rated by BEE. We were among the first in the industry to get certified of the stringent BEE 5-star rating. Read more about our BEE Transformers.

In a typical power distribution grid, electrical transformer power loss generally contributes to 40 -50% of the entire transmission and distribution loss.

We are a renowned Energy Efficient Transformers. We adhere to strict quality management systems to maintain quality. We have an enthusiastic team of design and manufacturing engineers, quality controllers, R&D working to address every need of the client.

  • Low Transmission & Distribution Loss
  • Suitable design – Net Zero Loss
  • High Efficacy

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