Rectifier Transformers manufacturers Industry

Rectifier transformer converts AC to DC to operate which is chosen majorly by industries. Transcon industries deeper into the quality and raising the standards, we stood as the finest rectifier transformers manufacturers industry in India. The Rectifier transformer benefits industries like speed drive trains, railways. Dc traction, smelting operations, etc.

The stability factor is higher as it will have an interphase transformer with shift angles ranging from -12 degrees to degrees in the multiples of 6. The transformer has aluminium plants through which regulating voltage is selected. However, regulating voltage ranges from 0 Volts to 2,000 volts.

Continue industry-level operations with a rectifier transformer. Being unstoppable in designing transformers, Transcon Industries has climbed the ladder of success and now became top-most rectifier transformers manufacturers industry in India.

  • To gain higher voltages, thyristors are ensured with the bridge-type connection.
  • The secondary angle of the transformer has saturable reactors through which voltage regulation is maintained
  • For high current and low voltage applications, the interphase connection is a must
  • Depending on industry applications, phase shifting is implemented.

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