Star Rating Transformers

Transcon Industries are Manufacturers Star Rating Transformers are energy-efficient transformers started as a “Green Campaign”. These are transformers that carry standard specifications as per the Bureau of Energy Efficiency BEE Transformer. The referred Indian Standard is IS1180 (part 1) Outdoor type three-phase distribution transformers up to and including 200kVa, 11kV – specification, IS2026 (part 2). The standard ratings covered under this pilot energy labeling scheme is 16, 25, 63, 100, 160 and 200kVa and non-standard ratings from 16 to 200kVa.

The salient feature of the Star Rating Transformers is that the undeniable fact that solely total losses are fixed, both at 50% loading and at 100% loading, so that the manufacturer may use his design experience and optimum materials to attain the given losses. Individual loss figures (no-load loss and load loss) aren't fixed.

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