Top Transformers manufacturing company in Telangana

In the 21st Century, the reason behind companies reaching to world-class level is innovation and execution. We have gained customer satisfaction for our works in the power industry. Being Top Transformers manufacturing company in Telangana, we ensure high-quality products.

Transcon Industries has five major departments to process a transformer.

Oil-filled or dry-type, you can explore our products as per your requirement. You may have a map in your mind about Transcon Industries. After availing of our services, say it in your own words. As one of the Top Transformers manufacturing company in Telangana, we continue to maintain our standards.

  • Research and Development test and analyzes the parts of the transformer. No less to world-class, infrastructure in labs tests the oil samples before it is loaded into the transformer by the R&D team.
  • Prior to manufacturing, a 3D view of the idea is a must. The designing team with pro software and CAD tools, designs specified transformer.
  • Once the system is built the response and behavior of the system are analyzed under experts who are defined as quality control.
  • Assembly is a crucial aspect of transformers. From winding to core coil assembly to painting, the team at Transcon Industries ensures everything is in place.
  • Once the system is manufactured, the final stage is testing. Without verification none of the transformer will not leave the industry corridor.

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