Best Transformers manufacturing company in Andhra Pradesh

Transcon Industries is a leading 3 Phase Transformer manufacturer in Hyderabad that offers its clients a whole portfolio of options to choose from. Headquartered in Hyderabad, we are a 20-year-plus-old company specialising in the production and distribution of world-class transformers for varying requirements across industries. A 3 Phase Transformer is mainly used in heavy industrial applications where power consumption is higher. This variant of the transformer is lighter, more compact, and packs more features which allow better usage of electricity at a much higher voltage. With rapid industrialisation and the modernisation of existing industries in Hyderabad, the demand for 3 Phase Transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad has also increased considerably in recent years. Given its top-notch performance and suitability for heavy-duty applications, this particular variant of the transformer has become a favourite among industrialists across the country.

At Transcon Industries, we have recognised this need and have committed a significant chunk of our resources to develop and perfect this particular variant of transformer in recent years. We employ the latest manufacturing technologies and skilled personnel to build top-performing 3 Phase Transformers that will exceed all expectations with ease. We are an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 14001:2015 certified company which speaks for itself. We also boast of a host of clients we have served over the years; BESCOM, L&T, NHPC, Tata Projects, Bajaj, and Gammon are some of the big names in the business who we have had the pleasure to work with and continue to do so. To conclude, our stand as a leading 3 Phase Transformer Manufacturers in Hyderabad in Hyderabad is cemented not only because of our expertise in the field but also because of the trust and goodwill we generate with our clients year after year while delivering solid results.

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