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There is no dearth of reputed electrical transformer suppliers in the market owing to the rapid modernisation and industrialisation of the Indian economy. Since the opening of the economy in the 90s, India has become a hub for various businesses across industries. We have IT, automobile, electronics, and many other industries that have set their sights on India. With increased demand for infrastructural support to run these businesses, it's quite natural to see a quantum leap in demand and generation for electricity too. After all, the modern world depends on electricity for everything it does. Electrical transformers from the nerve centre for the power distribution system whose main task is to manage the power voltage before it is transferred to the end users among other tasks. Whether you need electricity for domestic, commercial or industrial purposes, you will need a whole range of infrastructure to facilitate this process and an electric transformer is one of the most crucial parts of this system without which the entire set up is obsolete and pointless. Hence, the demand for reputed electrical transformer supplier has been on a constant rise in the recent decades.

Transcon Industries is one of the top electrical transformer supplier in the country with a rich and varied experience of 20 plus years. Headquartered in Hyderabad, we started our journey from the scratch and built up on our capabilities slowly but surely. Our mantra was simple; focus on quality products and customer goodwill. No amount of elaborate marketing ploy will ever matter if you cannot deliver at the end. In line with our commitment to quality, we are also accredited with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 14001:2015 certifications. Many of our products are also rated 5-star by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. BESCOM, L&T, NHPC, Tata Projects, Bajaj, and Gammon are some of our top clients who swear by our name when it comes to the services of most trusted electrical transformer suppliers in the industry.

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