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An inverter duty transformer, in simple words, is a specially built transformer that handles high-frequency and high-voltage power transmission generated by inverters. Inverters produce high levels of power transmission that cannot be handled by the regular transformer variants. These devices are built from high-grade materials that can withstand extreme temperatures, varying harmonics, and harsh working conditions. Based on the requirements of the user, inverter duty transformers can be customised and its functional capacity can be improved.

Rapid industrialisation has led to increased demand for electricity across all spheres of our life. Whether it is to power our Industries ,factories, and other establishments, transformers play an important role in this matter. Irrespective of the variant, the main purpose of a transformer is to pass electricity from one point to another while maintaining the voltage during the process. With increased demand for this device across industries and different aspects of our lives, companies involved in the business are hard-pressed to ensure they not only meet rising market demand but also deliver top-quality transformers.

Some factors to consider the properties while choosing the right inverter duty transformer:

  • Quality – Make sure to choose a company that has multiple quality regulations to its credit.
  • Customisation – Besides offering a series of assembly line products, they should be able to offer custom-built transformers to suit the customers’ requirements.
  • Innovation – Look for a company that is constantly reviewing its products and finding means to improve its performance.
  • After-sales service – The relationship between the customer and the manufacturer begins after the product is sold. Make sure to choose a company that has a strong customer support.

Transcon is one such company that has served the industry with distinction since its inception in 2003. Our manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest equipment and adhere to the most stringent quality standards at all times. We are an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, and ISO 14001:2015 certified company. Our products are also rated 5 stars by the BEE. We are a team of highly skilled and driven professionals who committed to providing highest quality transformer to our customers.

Our success is built on our hard work, perseverance, and innovative approach to deal with any challenge thrown at us. We believe that long-lasting success is built on the rock of mutual understanding, keen insight, and delivering on our promises each time.

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